Manufacturing Day Countdown: 3 Weeks Left!

Manufacturing Day Countdown- 3 Weeks Left!It’s here! Well, almost.

Manufacturing Day 2013 is getting closer, and our anticipation is rising–we’re only three weeks away!

This year’s Manufacturing Day should be awesome, and for us, October 4th can’t come soon enough. 

To help get you excited for this year’s Manufacturing Day, we’ve compiled a brief list of things to get excited about:

  • The Kawasaki Motors Plant Tour. On Friday, October 4th, Kawasaki Motors in Lincoln will be giving a tour of their facility. As we’ve already shown, Kawasaki’s plant in Lincoln is just awesome. With the tour, you’ll get an awesome in-person tour of a high-tech manufacturing facility–and you’ll get to see cool stuff being made. Anyone interested can contact for more information.
  • The Shell Manufacturing Day Sweepstakes. It’s no big secret that we’re big fans of automaking and cool car technology here at NeMAC, and Manufacturing Day and Shell have teamed up for the Manufacturing Day Sweepstakes. They’re offering up the chance to win two tickets to a 2014 Sprint Cup Series race of your choice in honor of this year’s event–how cool is that?
  • How It’s Made. Since Manufacturing Day is essentially a real-life How It’s Made, it only makes sense that the Science Channel has teamed up with Manufacturing Day as the event’s official media partner. All day on October 4th, they’ll be supporting Manufacturing Day, helping raise awareness for manufacturing, and featuring shows like How It’s Made. Cool stuff.
  • Social Media. Even if you’re not able to get out for a factory tour, there will still be lots of great manufacturing-related content on October 4th. Manufacturers around the country are ramping up their social media for Manufacturing Day this year, and you can expect a lot of cool, interactive stuff on social media for you to do.

Needless to say, we’re pretty excited. And why shouldn’t we be? Manufacturing is awesome.

We hope that you’ll make it our for this year’s Manufacturing Day, where you’ll be able to see factories, manufacturers, and cutting-edge technology in action right here in our backyard.

If you’re interested in attending a Manufacturing Day event on October 4th, feel free to check out our current list of Manufacturing Day events in Nebraska, including locations and contact information. Or, if you’d like to learn more about what Manufacturing Day is, check out our original post on the event here.

Image courtesy of Manufacturing Day.