Manufacturers On Pinterest? Our 5 Favorite Manufacturing Pinterest Boards

Manufacturers On Pinterest? Our 5 Favorite Manufacturing Pinterest BoardsIf you’d have told us six months ago that Pinterest would be a great spot for manufacturers to hang out online, we’d have told you that you were crazy.

Awesome machines and manufacturing equipment on a site known for DIY projects and cute clothes? Not a chance.

But as it turns out, there are a lot of great manufacturers on Pinterest, all pinning things from badass machines, to cool technology, to fun things that manufacturers make. Apparently manufacturing does have a place amongst do-it-yourself arts and crafts and tomorrow’s cute outfit.

And today, we thought we’d help tell people about manufacturers on Pinterest by sharing with you our 5 favorite manufacturing-related Pinterest accounts. Check out our top 5 below:

  1. GEWithout a doubt, GE takes the top spot on our list of manufacturers on Pinterest. Though they may be seen as a ‘boring’ company, their pins are anything but. Featuring anything from photos from the factory floor, to ‘Hey Girl,’ a collection of STEM-inspired pickup lines (!!), GE’s Pinterest account is definitely worth a follow. Our favorite board of theirs? Badass Machines, the biggest and baddest technologies produced by GE.
    GE Pinterest
  2. Manufacturing Now and ThenComing in at a close second is manufacturing now and then. This board is run by one person, but contains a great mix of old manufacturing technology (Allis Vertical Blowing Engine, anyone?) and new, cutting-edge technology. A great place to look back and see where manufacturing used to be and how far it’s come since then.
    Manufacturing now and Then
  3. Future ManufacturingGoing right along with manufacturing now and then, future manufacturing is a great collection (again run by a single person) of all the latest, up-and-coming manufacturing technology. From 3D sweep–a 3D rendering technology–to a 3D printing vending machine, this board has it all. Definitely worth a look if you like to see new gadgets and toys.
    Future Manufacturing Pinterest
  4. Manufacturing StoriesManufacturing stories’ Pinterest (and website) are great sources of–wait for it–real-life stories from manufacturing, and stories about successful education, manufacturers, and processes, all of which are great to know. The manufacturing stories Pinterest account has a couple thousand pins, and their boards include everything from Workforce-Training-Jobs to mentoring. This account is very big–and a little disorganized–but is worth spending some time reading and looking at.
    Manufacturing stories Pinterest
  5. HondaOkay, Honda’s Pinterest account may not be as manufacturing-centric as the rest of the accounts mentioned here. But we know how important auto manufacturing is to the entire industry, and for that alone, Honda is worth a look. They have some really cool car-related stuff on here, a few factory pictures thrown in, and are a great representation of the kind of Pinterest account that all manufacturers should strive to have.

Like we mentioned above, a few months ago, we would’ve been the last ones to think that Pinterest could have value for manufacturers. But the truth is, it does, and all five of the accounts/boards you see here are great examples of Pinterest’s potential as a manufacturing resource. So have a look around and let us know what you think!

What do you think about our list here of manufacturers on Pinterest? Is there an account that you don’t think should be here, a board you love, or someone you’d like to see added? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter–we’d love to get your feedback!