Manufacturers in Nebraska: IMSCORP

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Manufacturers in Nebraska- IMSCORPIt’s hard to imagine anything better than getting into business with your best friend and founding a successful company, and for IMSCORP from Lincoln, NE, that vision turned into a reality some 35 years ago.

IMSCORP (Industrial Machine Specialties) was founded by high school friends Elmer Wessel and Nick Cusick. They’ve been in business for over 35 years, and have been recognized by industry experts as an efficient manufacturer–and one that’s right here in our backyard.

Today, IMSCORP is the parent company of three manufacturers:

  • Bison, which was originally a basketball equipment supplier, but which now manufactures sports goals for every game from basketball to football
  • SourceOnea custom manufacturer that also offers design services and tooling, DuPont “Star Coater” certified powder coating, and specialty machine build engineering
  • SignCoEDS, a custom designer and fabricator of marketing and sponsorship signage for indoor and outdoor applications that specializes in custom large-scale digital signs for facilities, arenas, and sports venues

In a lot of ways, IMSCORP’s story–two best friends from high school working hard and building up a company (or companies) that manufactures goods for customers all around the country–represents the best of what Nebraska’s business and manufacturing environment has to offer.

They took their Midwestern work ethic, some creativity, and a lot of persistence, and turned around and created a highly successful manufacturing company right here in Nebraska. This kind of success isn’t unusual here in Nebraska, and opportunities abound for anyone interested in starting a career in manufacturing here in the Midwest.

Though we can’t guarantee that you’ll see success overnight, with the right training, education, and experience, you could very well end up in a similar situation to Elmer Wessel and Nick Cusick. And who can argue with that?

Anyone interested in learning more about IMSCORP should read their history page here. Their story is great and really represents what Midwestern work ethic is all about. And as always, if you have any questions about IMSCORP, or if you have a company you’d like to see featured here, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at NeMAC in the comments or on Twitter!

Photo credit: American Machinist