Manufacturers in Nebraska: Denver Plastics Nebraska

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Manufacturers in Nebraska- Denver Plastics Nebraska

To continue our series of profiles on manufacturers in Nebraska, today we’re going to talk about a great manufacturer here in the Midwest with two prominent locations: one in Hudson, Colorado and the other right here in Wahoo, Nebraska.

Denver Plastics Nebraska provides injection molding solutions. Founded in 1961, the company was originally established to manufacture a line of highly automated specialized machinery. They started moving to plastics, and after a bit of time, split into several different divisions–including their Wahoo location.

The machinery at their Wahoo location allows them to produce products ranging from one ounce to 24 pounds, and they serve many business sectors, including (but not limited to):

  • ATVs/motorcycling
  • Telecom
  • Medical/health care
  • Brewery industry
  • Personal watercraft
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Animal science

From car parts to phone shells, Denver Plastics Nebraska uses state-of-the-art technology to make some of the best plastic products around.

And like Perrin Manufacturing last week, Denver Plastics Nebraska does more than just manufacture the final product. They also:

  • Prototype
  • Make tooling in-house
  • Warehouse products
  • Improve product reliability

In many ways, Denver Plastics Nebraska represents how many factories today operate: a wide area of expertise, with the capability to do much more than just produce.

What this means is that someone who’s interested in computer aided design (CAD) is just as much at home at a factory as someone who’s interested in machining. There are a wide variety of career options in manufacturing, and factory setups of today allow for anyone with the right training to find a place here in the industry.

Finally, like many of the other manufacturers we’ve mentioned in our series thus far, Denver Plastics Nebraska is committed to hiring local employees and providing them with great careers in manufacturing. They have job openings today, and anyone interested should see here.

Manufacturers like Denver Plastics Nebraska–and all of the other manufacturers we’ve featured so far–are great examples of the type of manufacturers working right here in our backyard. Though you may not know it, they’re working every day, producing parts and shipping them all across the country, and creating great jobs for people with the right skills.

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Image courtesy of Denver Plastics Nebraska