Manufacturers in Nebraska: MetalQuest Unlimited

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Manufacturers in Nebraska--MetalQuest UnlimitedLast week, we wrote a blog about Millard Manufacturing–a small Nebraska manufacturer–and today, we’re going to continue that trend by highlighting another local manufacturing small business.

MetalQuest Unlimited, which excels in manufacturing tight tolerance precision machined component parts, was founded in a rented space in Deshler, Nebraska.

Back when MetalQuest Unlimited was founded in 1996, they only had a CNC machine, but now, their Hebron, Nebraska facility employs over 50 people and houses a wide variety of state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment.

Today, the company’s technology and abilities include:

MetalQuest Unlimited says themselves that their “unique mix of employee talents is focused on serving [their] customers by delivering quality parts in a cost-efficient and timely manner.” They’re committed to producing a quality product and use lots of new technology in order to do so.

Perhaps most importantly, the company is continually seeking employees who are looking to make manufacturing a career–providing a great example of the companies seeking dedicated employees that we regularly talk about. As an example, here are a few careers that a person could have with MetalQuest Unlimited:

  • CNC machinist on multi-tasking CNC lathes or mills
  • Support areas including things like programming, information technology, purchasing, and inspection

Though they are a small business, they’re always looking to expand–and it helps that they’re invested in manufacturing education, too.

Just like Millard Manufacturing last week, MetalQuest Unlimited shows how great of a mix small businesses in manufacturing really are. Larger corporations have their different benefits, but smaller businesses offer great manufacturing technology with the atmosphere and culture of a small company.

You don’t have to go far to find great manufacturers and manufacturing technology. Especially here in Nebraska and the Midwest, great manufacturing companies–large and small–are right here in our backyard.

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Photo credit: MetalQuest Unlimited