Veteran’s Day: What You May Not Know About Veterans In Nebraska

flag flapping in the skyOn October 8th, 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued the first-ever “Veteran’s Day Proclamation.”

It stated, “In order to insure proper and widespread observance of this anniversary, all veterans, all veterans’ organizations, and the entire citizenry will wish to join hands in the common purpose.” In other words, each and every American should take the time to celebrate our veterans and what they do for us. There’s a reason Veteran’s Day is a National Holiday: The country has made it easy for us to take the time to appreciate those who protect our country.

For Veteran’s Day today, the State Capitol will even turn green as part of the “Greenlight A Vet” project. The project website explains, “The simple action of changing one light to green is intended to spark a national conversation regarding the recognition of veterans, and green light them forward as valued members of our communities.” There will be green gels on the lights that illuminate the State Capitol of Nebraska today, and there will be events all over the state to honor both living and dead military veterans.

We’re doing our part to celebrate on the blog today by sharing some facts you may not know about veterans here in Nebraska. The population of retired military is tremendously crucial to the manufacturing industry, and some believe that veterans are indeed the answer to solving the skills gap (you can check out a previous blog post here to learn more). At the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, we aim to utilize retired military whenever possible, and are on the constant pursuit of improving employment and quality-of-life prospects for our veterans.

Manufacturers Hire Veterans: In the news this week, General Dynamics Ordinance and Tactical Systems, Lincoln Operations, proudly recognized their veteran employees and remembered those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the course of serving our country.

General Dynamics, a manufacturer who works closely with the U.S. Military and its allies to provide products for their strategic and tactical operations, is just one of many manufacturers oriented toward working with the military in the defense sector. These types of manufacturing positions can be excellent fits for veterans already familiar with many of the strategic operations and the working experience in the military. You can learn more about General Dynamics and the parts they machine here.

We Hire Heroes: For veterans returning home and transitioning to civilian life, We Hire Heroes Omaha is an amazing resource for veteran-friendly employment leads. They are veteran owned and operated, and have a passion to solve the veteran unemployment problem by bringing together job seekers with employers in their local communities. You can check out their job leads here.

WWII Posters on Display in Nebraska City: While many World War II veterans have now passed away, about 200 World War II Posters have been resurrected from the basement of Commercial State Bank in Wausa. This year, many of those posters will be displayed at the Nebraska City branch for anyone to view.

According to Nebraska City’s Commercial State Bank Branch President Roger Claussen, the historical wartime posters were mailed directly to the bank from the U.S. government from 1942 to 1945. “In my personal opinion, it’s a shame we didn’t get them out earlier and discover everything because most of the World War II veterans have passed on,” Claussen said. Regardless, you can honor veterans who fought hard for our country by viewing a piece of WWII history right in the middle of Nebraska City.

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photo credit: Flag via photopin (license)