The Scott D. Morris Institute

scott d morris instituteKearney High School was already getting a new building. Now, thanks to a generous donation from a pair of graduates, that building will be bigger by about 10,000 square feet.

It’s even better news because the wing will be a benefit to manufacturing in Nebraska.

In a press release last month, the school district announced the addition of the Scott D. Morris Institute to the new Kearney High School which should open by Fall 2016. Made possible by a $1.75 million donation from Scott D. and Rochelle Morris, the institute will focus on training in manufacturing and technology.

Kearney Public Schools Superintendent Brian Maher was quoted as saying the center, with its emphasis on career and technical education, will allow students to “graduate on Sunday and go to work on Monday.”

The institute will focus on hands-on experience. It will cater to students with an interest in IT, STEM, manufacturing, and culinary arts, and will be outfitted with modern, high-tech equipment. Local businesses will partner with the Institute in an Advisory Board to mentor students and provide them with information about jobs.

Opportunities like this are great for Nebraska manufacturing, which means they’re great for the state as a whole. It’s no accident that states with burgeoning manufacturing sectors are among those with the fastest-growing economies in the country. And with Nebraska expected to see an influx of manufacturing jobs in the near future, these opportunities are especially important for high school students and young people looking to be competitive in the workforce.

“We are unbelievably fortunate to be standing at the forefront of this exciting opportunity for our students,” Maher said. “The Scott D. and Rochelle Morris gift will affect our students and our community for generations.”

We couldn’t agree more. We here at NeMAC tip our hats to the Morris family and Kearney High School. Well done.

Photo credit: Kearney Hub