Program Spotlight: University of Nebraska-Omaha

unomaha-campusOur website has always had a list of our partners in education, otherwise known as educational institutions that provide curriculum to support a career in manufacturing. These institutions include community colleges, universities, and middle and high school career technical education programs. In other words, for a student interested in learning manufacturing skills, there’s no shortage of options to choose from in Nebraska!

The University of Nebraska-Omaha is one of the more well-known schools in Nebraska. After all, Omaha is the largest city in Nebraska, and is home to an outstanding community and academically rigorous college.

The quality of an education at UNO is proven by its track records with job placement and graduation. Forty-four percent of students graduate with no debt, and seventy percent of UNO’s December 2012 graduates received a job offer related to their course of study. In other words, UNO graduates are prepared for the real world and to pursue a career of their dreams.

What we really want to highlight, though, is the wide variety of careers available at UNO that prepare graduates with strong STEM skills and talents. From engineering to bioinformatics and more, there’s plenty for anyone interested in furthering math or science skills, as well as gaining hands-on experience for other careers in the manufacturing field. Here are a few of the options for a world-class education at an institution right in our Nebraskan backyard.

  • Biomedical Informatics and Bioinformatics: This program is a great fit for anyone interested in computers, natural sciences, data analysis, or public health fields. It’s an interdisciplinary field to coordinate the effective uses of biomedical data and information for scientific efforts: essentially, to improve the scope and quality of human health. There’s currently a huge demand for experts in biomedical informatics, so careers are possible in a variety of positions: structural analyst, research scientist, chief medical information officer, cheminformatician, network analyst and more.
  • Information Assurance: University of Nebraska-Omaha offers both a B.S. and an M.S in Information Assurance, a challenging career that works to help make our nation’s information technology safer. As an information security specialist, information assurance engineer, database administrator, or IA programmer, you’ll be tasked with conducting risk assessment and evaluating security intrusions for information technology systems.
  • Data Analytics: Even for graduates or working professionals in manufacturing industries, UNO offers opportunities to further your education and learn beyond college or even high school. This certificate is valuable for anyone looking to enhance their skills in customer behavior analysis, fraud detection, process improvement, scientific inquiry, forecasting, trend analysis, and more: All valuable skills for the manufacturing industry.
  • IT Innovation: For the creatives with a passion for science and math, this exciting degree is valuable to students passionate about programming and looking to take their career to the next level. From video game designer to innovation consultant, the manufacturing industry always needs creative minds ready to invent or design the next successful product.

Should you decide to pursue a college education, educational institutions like Nebraska’s University of Nebraska-Omaha are a great place to earn your keep. No matter what you want to study, Nebraska’s many colleges and universities offer you a great chance to succeed!

Photo credit: UNL