Happy National Teacher Day!


Here at NeMAC, we’re big fans of education. Education is what gives students–current and past–a brighter future, and we have educators all over the country to thank for their work empowering students everywhere with knowledge.

And while we obviously have a soft spot for teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, we greatly appreciate all teachers and what they do.

That’s exactly why today, we’re joining folks from around the country in celebrating National Teacher Day (a part of National Teacher Appreciation Week)! National Teacher Day, celebrated largely in part due to the organization of the National Education Association is, unsurprisingly, a national celebration of teachers at all levels.

We encourage everyone–we’ve all been students at one point or another–to reach out to a teacher and say thanks. You can do that on social media with the hashtag #ThankATeacher (the NEA has a great roundup of #ThankATeacher social media posts on Storify), in person with a card or a note, or even in passing with a simple thanks. In all cases, what’s really important is showing your teachers how thankful you are for their time and commitment to students.

Whether it’s here in manufacturing, in the sciences, in the arts, or anywhere else in education and in life, we all should thank teachers for what they do. We know we’ll be posting a tweet or two thanking a teacher–but what about you?

Photo credit: National Education Association