Manufacturers In Nebraska: Nebraska Irrigation, Inc.


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Planes and center pivots have more in common than you might think. Although one flies in the sky and one helps irrigation systems, both products are massive investments designed to stand the test of time, and require maintenance and repair to stay in top-notch working order. As Nebraska Irrigation, Inc. explains, “repair is considered long before replacement.”

This philosophy is what motivated Roger and Marilyn Bettenhausen to found Nebraska Irrigation, Inc. in 1975 after Roger’s career as a jet engine mechanic in the U.S Air Force. Roger noticed that with proper maintenance, the jets he worked on could run for several years before wearing out. Thus, supply parts for worn out irrigation equipment were the impetus to begin a similar venture in the agricultural sector.

Today, Nebraska Irrigation specializes in manufacturing innovative products and systems that will be reliable in the field, particularly any problem-solving modifications for existing irrigation systems. They’re a one-stop shop, if you will: The company both manufactures and buys parts for almost every type of mobile irrigation system ever manufactured.

Location is also king for this enterprise. Nebraska Irrigation is located in the dead center of Nebraska, the state with the most center pivot systems in the entire country–there are over 30,000. Some of the largest irrigation manufacturers are also located in Nebraska to fill the demands that the massive agricultural industry needs to fill. The company is a great fit for any dealers or servicemen looking for a variety of brands in one location.

The company also manufactures underground pipe fittings and distributes Berkeley pumps, Netafim Drip Systems, and AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators among other products commonly used in irrigation supply. With over thirty years of experience, Nebraska Irrigation clearly knows the ins and outs of irrigation systems like no other–a comfort for products that are such a huge investment.

Nebraska Irrigation posts any open job positions on their website, along with shows that they will be attending in the upcoming year. Make sure to keep an eye out for their booth at the 3i Fair in July 2014!

We’re proud to have a company as strong as Nebraska Irrigation located here. With such an excellent track record of successful repair work, it’s safe to say that our irrigation systems and agricultural needs are in good hands.

Photo credit: Central Valley Irrigation, Inc.