4 Ways to Enjoy Foods Produced in Nebraska this Holiday Season

4 Ways to Enjoy Food Produced in Nebraska this Holiday SeasonAs the heartland of some of the most premium beef production in the world, Nebraska has a reputation for excellent cattle production and corn-fed protein not only in the Midwest, but around the world.

“Nebraska is well suited for beef production. We have the land, the corn, the ethanol co-product distillers grains and the processing infrastructure necessary to be a national and global leader,” said Dennis Gengenbach, vice chairman of the Nebraska Corn Board to the High Plains/Midwest Agricultural Journal.

To help you make the most of our state’s abilities to produce (and process) such great food, see below for 4 ways to enjoy great-tasting food produced in Nebraska this holiday season:

  1. Roasted Honey and Bacon Brussel Sprouts: These sprouts aren’t the dreaded vegetable of your childhood. These make the perfect side dish to any meal while balancing sweet and savory for a delectable combination. Best of all, they use Hormel bacon processed in Nebraska. The honey is a flavorful touch.
  2. Black Forest Chicken Skillet: The Black Forest Chicken Skillet requires chicken, salt, pepper potatoes, cabbage slaw mix, caraway seeds, and ham– simple, warm, and delicious! The Tyson (Nebraska manufacturer) chicken makes it all the more enjoyable.
  3. Mushroom Merlot Burger: For entertaining, dress up your typical burger with this gorgeously outfitted lean beef burger! Use G.F Swift 1855 Premium Brand Beef, a top-of-the-line beef from Nebraska manufacturer JBS USA.
  4. Bacon n’ Egg Stuffed Biscuits: While not beef, Farmland Pork is a heartland company with Midwestern values and Nebraska raised pork. These are the perfect breakfast for the morning after Christmas or on New Year’s Day. Hot and hearty, they’ll be a hit with everyone. With just biscuit dough, cheddar cheese, bacon, and egg, each biscuit is filling and satisfying.

This holiday season, we think it’s worth taking the time and effort to support the incredible Nebraska manufacturers that we have in our backyard. One fantastic way to do this is by cooking your holiday meals with Nebraska meats and food products. From Tyson to Hormel to JBS, the world’s leading brands are located here in Nebraska.

While we often talk about different manufacturers themselves, or about jobs at the many manufacturing companies in Nebraska, to date, we haven’t given you many ways to get out and support those companies besides going to work in the industry. But it’s not tough to do–supporting manufacturers in our great state is as easy as making a few home-cooked meals!

And doesn’t it just feel better to know you’re supporting those that keep the Nebraska economy strong?

The meals we showed here are only a handful of many different ways to utilize Nebraskan food products during your holiday meal planning. But if you do include these in your holiday meals, make sure to share a photo with us on Twitter!

photo credit: famfriendsfood via photopin cc