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Bringing the East to the West

In the Kearney Hub yesterday, Governor Dave Heineman waxed eloquently about Nebraska’s partnerships with potential trading partners. The Governor (and the state) is working to make Nebraska a better and more fertile place for startups and potential businesses. As a result, not just national companies, but international companies as well, are seeing the appeal of […]

Lincoln Logs Will Soon Be Manufactured in the U.S.!

We just got word of some exciting news for American manufacturing: production of Lincoln Logs is being moved back to the United States! Pride Manufacturing Company announced Wednesday that it would soon be producing Lincoln Logs at its plant in Burnham, Maine. Currently, Lincoln Logs are made in China. After the switch, it’s expected that 80% […]

Breaking It Down: STEM

We talk a lot about STEM here on the blog, but what does the acronym really mean? What does it mean to be STEM-literate? And most importantly, why would you want to have strong skills in this area? As we know, problems with the skills gap is happening across the world, so it’s important to […]

NASA Is Helping Bring Manned Space Travel Back to the U.S.

Exciting news for fans of NASA, space travel, or anything else science related: Today, NASA announced plans to help bring manned space travel back to the U.S.! Since the space shuttle program was taken out of commission a few years ago, NASA astronauts who needed to get to the ISS did so by way of […]

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