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Robots Can Do That? 3 Of the Latest Robot Innovations

Robotics is a tremendously exciting industry, and the sector is at a point in its history that we’ve never seen before. According to industry trade group the Robotic Industries Association, there was a new peak in robot orders and shipments in North America this year: 31,464 robots, valued at $1.8 billion dollars, were ordered from […]

Consortium of Nebraska Community Colleges Launches Career Campaign

This month, The Community Colleges of Nebraska have put their heads together and launched a statewide awareness campaign titled “My Great Career,” designed to focus on promotion of Career and Technical Education programs to prospective students, parents, employers in business and industry, and teachers from high schools and colleges. You can visit their website at […]

What the ISM Manufacturing Index Tells Us About January 2016

There are indexes, numbers, opinions, and statistics frequently thrown around about manufacturing: It’s doing well, it’s doing poorly, we’re in a manufacturing renaissance, then we’re in a manufacturing recession. It can be difficult to sort through the numbers and information to really find out how the sector is doing and which segments are growing versus […]

Microdistillery Craze to Create Jobs In the Panhandle

Microdistillers don’t head into the business of manufacturing and selling spirits because it’s easy. Kentucky distiller Stephen Thompson told Forbes, “When I tell people it will likely take at least two years to even begin processing a first batch and make something that is commercially viable, and anywhere from $350,000 to a million dollars to […]

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