3 Ways to Use Social Media to Find Manufacturing Jobs

The internet is the best job-seeking tool ever invented, right? As it turns out, the manufacturing industry was fairly late to the game when it came to social media. For most skilled workers looking for manufacturing jobs, LinkedIn or other social networks would be the last places to look on a job search. However, while […]

Be Prepared: 3 Questions to Expect During a Manufacturing Job Interview

Job interviews can be stressful, no matter how comfortable you feel about the position. That’s why there are entire classes, workshops, and books for jobseekers who have finally made it to the coveted interview stage. Once you’re there, the face-to-face conversation can make or break your future at the company, so you should never walk […]

Smeal Fire Apparatus Doubles Workforce at Neligh Plant; Now Hiring Skilled Workers

Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. is one of the Nebraska manufacturers we’ve been following closely for many years, watching proudly as in March of 2014, the company was chosen from a host of applicants to provide a new engine for the Lincoln Fire Department (you can see the full blog post here). In August of 2014, […]

Nebraskans Step Up to Hire Veterans In 2016

Currently, Booz Allen Hamilton Engineering Services in Nebraska is hiring a senior operations research analyst, a junior facilities planner, a vulnerability and risk analyst, a construction management specialist, and an instructor cryptologic operator. These jobs, which are posted front and center on the Veteran Job Center website for the state of Nebraska, serve Booz Allen’s […]

Looking for a Job? Creighton Professor Says Diversification Is Key

December was a tricky month for manufacturers, according to Creighton University’s latest Mid-America Business Conditions Index. Although a stronger U.S. dollar seems as if it would be a good thing for manufacturers, in reality, it makes U.S. goods more expensive for overseas trading partners. The Omaha World-Herald interviewed Creighton Business Professor Ernie Goss to learn […]

Prisoners Turned Welders: How Prisons Are Training Future Manufacturing Workers

In prison, there’s not much to do. With limited time allowed for exercise, television, and other activities, prisons aren’t necessarily known for a wide variety of recreational and educational opportunities. Recently, however, waves of prison reform have spurred activity in the direction of advanced education and preparing the incarcerated for careers as welders, machinists, and […]

4 Scholarships for Future Manufacturers

If you’re interested in manufacturing, there are a few ways to begin your journey (and turn it into a lucrative career!) From apprenticeships to trade schools to four-year degrees to internships and more, manufacturers need workers, and that need often translates directly into dollars. If you want to attend school for a manufacturing, or even […]

3 Women Making Waves In Male-Dominated Manufacturing Occupations

A buzzword in the manufacturing industry today is the “gender gap”: the disparity between males and females in manufacturing occupations throughout the United States. That’s not to say that there aren’t female-dominated occupations, because there certainly are, but manufacturing has traditionally been construed as a male-dominated occupation. And with some of these statistics from Catalyst’s […]

3 Ways to Find Out If a Manufacturing Career Is Right for You

We hate to break it to you, but there is no perfect job. In the Harvard Business Review, John Lees explains that “when people think about getting their ideal role, they’re falling into an all-or-nothing trap. It’s a kind of challenge to the universe—give me everything now, or leave me alone. Which of course reveals […]