Consortium of Nebraska Community Colleges Launches Career Campaign

MyGreatCareer-colorThis month, The Community Colleges of Nebraska have put their heads together and launched a statewide awareness campaign titled “My Great Career,” designed to focus on promotion of Career and Technical Education programs to prospective students, parents, employers in business and industry, and teachers from high schools and colleges.

You can visit their website at, and certainly should do so if you’re a motivated high school graduate, an underemployed adult, or an adult in a profession with little or no advancement potential. If that sounds like you, the consortium wants you to know that community college can change your life—and with little or no debt, to boot.

Let’s back up: Who are the colleges involved? Central Community College, Mid-Plains Community College, Northeast Community College, Southeast Community College, and Western Nebraska Community College have essentially uploaded all of the programs from all of their locations to this searchable website. Nothing like this platform has existed in Nebraska’s history. While it’s certainly not the end of the world to search for programs on the individual college websites, My Great Career lets you search any program from these colleges by keyword, location, and radius from location.

The website isn’t the only way the consortium is diving into new marketing: Educational Marketing Group, a branding firm from Parker, Colorado, helped the consortium develop radio spots and paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Pandora Internet Radio. Marketing manager Kelly Wiles tells KNDY Radio, “We have produced a radio commercial for each of the four CTE program clusters,” said Kelly Giles, EMG marketing manager. “In each radio commercial we say that more than 70 career-ready programs will get you a great-paying job in your field of choice.”

Take, for example, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, which is a program listed on the website and an outstanding preparatory program at SCC for a great-paying job and stable future. Drafters, engineers, coordinators, designers, and technicians are all in high demand in manufacturing sectors right now, and Southeast Community College trains students to become members of an engineering team in any of those capacities.

Students interested in design will benefit from the traditional and computer-aided drafting, but students will also study the layout and design of fabricated products, the study of materials used in manufacturing, as well as plant layout, materials handling, manufacturing processes, and more. The placement and transfer rate for this program is 94%, meaning that 94% of graduates either found jobs or transferred to another institution.

From transportation and manufacturing technology to construction technology and agriculture sciences, there is a wealth of resources available on the website for potential students to browse. We’d recommend that if you’re interested, you spend some time looking around the website. There are hundreds of options for your future career!