Education Spotlight: University of Nebraska at Kearney

studyingLast year around this time, we highlighted the outstanding industrial technology program at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

While the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and at Omaha are often the schools typically associated with university STEM education in Nebraska, UN-Kearney is a really wonderful option for students who aren’t as set on living in a big city, but are interested in working on skills that can prepare them for successful future STEM careers.

It’s a comparatively smaller university, with 5,274 undergraduate students and 1,628 graduate students, but still offers 120 undergraduate majors and 22 pre-professional programs.

Here are some of the programs at the University of Nebraska at Kearney geared towards preparing students with interests in science, technology, engineering, and math: all subjects that we know can prepare students for working in a wide variety of manufacturing fields.

Industrial Technology: We’ve talked about industrial technology on the blog before, but not so much about the specifications that are available within the program. Four specialities are offered within the department, and all are accredited by The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. Students of industrial technology can specialize in aviation systems management, construction management, industrial distribution, and information networking and/or communications.

And frankly, the graduation rates are astonishing: 95% of graduates in construction management and in industrial distribution find careers related to their field of study within one year. Learn more about the program, available internships, and requirements here.

Marketing, Supply Chain and MIS: This program is actually incredibly important for the manufacturing industry: Plants, factories, and more all operate based on the work that supply chain analysts do. Manufacturing corporations need people skilled in predicting the need for manufacturing goods, as well as the most efficient way to do so. And according to UNK, “Supply chain management is listed as one of the 20 hot job tracks for the 21st century.” Even for entry level positions, careers that are possible include industrial buyers, logistics analysts, production planners, transportation managers, and many more.

Computer Science and Information Technology: UNK produces computer science graduates that are highly in demand as IT consultants, database administrators, web developers, quality assurance experts, application engineers, and more. Additionally, the pay is high for grads with a BS degree: starting salaries range from $45k-$60k in just the local area.

There’s also an immense potential for working with companies interested in improving their machinery, computer, and technology processes. Manufacturing corporations require highly skilled computer technicians, and new jobs are created in the field every single day. Why is UNK a good place to get this degree? Well, they have 100% placement for dedicated students with the aforementioned salary range.

To see the full list of academic options available at UNK, check out their alphabetic list here. Questions? Comments? Want to learn more about the options at UNK and the jobs available as a result? Send us a tweet, or leave a comment in the section below anytime!

photo credit: More Studying via photopin (license)