Thanks to Brehmer Manufacturing

Brehmer-manufacturingBack in December, we chatted a bit about manufacturing standout Brehmer Manufacturing on the blog. They were set to add ten new jobs over in Lyons, Nebraska, with some of those available to low or middle-income earning individuals.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development also provided Brehmer with a loan to expand their facilities and purchase new tools and a welding machine. Creating jobs, reducing unemployment, and stimulating the state economy– these are all good things.

Fast-forward almost a year later, we are so happy to see the Lyons Mirror-Sun calling out Brehmer Manufacturing for the successful transition with their new and improved funding. On Friday, the Lyons community and governor, Dave Heineman, applauded Brehmer and came together to celebrate their successes. During his speech, the governor covered the importance of small towns in Nebraska to the state economy. As he thanked Brehmer for their work, Heineman also acknowledged the significance of the small growth in the rural communities: “You’re creating 10 new jobs,” he told the company. “That’s like 100 or a few hundred in the Omaha area.” Brehmer expects to add another ten jobs by 2016, continuing their expansion.

The best part of seeing this manufacturer as a success is that it highlights how important manufacturers are to their communities. Not only are community members happy for increased jobs and economic health, but also for the pure reason that companies like this are testaments to the value of hard work. “Brehmer’s is a great example that if you’re innovative and entrepreneurial you can still build things in America,” said Center for Rural Affairs Executive Director, Brian Depew, to the Lyons Mirror-Sun. “You can still build things in the Midwest.”

Brehmer was founded in 1971 by husband and wife team Betty and Rey Brehmer with a “light post with a stick welder,” as Betty reminisced. Today, the company specializes in high quality truck and hoist products. This includes shortening and stretching truck frames, pusher axles, tag axles, and other specialty products from drain pans to surge grip truck ramps and more. Today, the company serves customers across 27 countries and is working to increase their global commerce even further.

Nebraska is lucky to have some fantastic larger cities with innovation and excellent products, such as Omaha and Lincoln. But it’s important not to forget about the commerce happening in small towns and rural areas across Nebraska. As Mayor Andy Fuston said about the success of Brehmer in a small town, “the expansion is a great example of what success can look like in a small community. The City of Lyons is a proud supporter of Brehmer manufacturing.”

So in job hunts or school hunts or whatever the case may be, sometimes the most opportune situations can be found in areas off the beaten path! Do you know of any manufacturers in a rural area doing an outstanding job? Send us a tweet or leave a comment in the section below!

photo credit: The Lyons-Mirror Sun