Lincoln Logs Will Soon Be Manufactured in the U.S.!

lincoln logs and mega blox

We just got word of some exciting news for American manufacturing: production of Lincoln Logs is being moved back to the United States!

Pride Manufacturing Company announced Wednesday that it would soon be producing Lincoln Logs at its plant in Burnham, Maine. Currently, Lincoln Logs are made in China. After the switch, it’s expected that 80% of the toys will be made here in the U.S., while some plastic parts will continue to be manufactured in China.

Lincoln Logs’ manufacturing being moved back to the U.S. isn’t just a one-off, however. It’s actually part of a movement called reshoring, which involves the ‘reshoring’ of American jobs from foreign soil back to our shores. Lincoln Logs is joining Apple, Motorola, New Balance, and a host of other companies who have all decided to bring production back to the United States.

You certainly won’t hear us complaining about this toy manufacturer bringing jobs back to the United States. Lincoln Logs are a childhood favorite, and more importantly, they’re a sign of a bigger trend happening in manufacturing. Expect more companies to follow this trend and open up more manufacturing jobs as time goes on. If you get involved in manufacturing now, you’ll have a wealth of career opportunities opened up to you!

photo credit: GoodNCrazy via photopin cc