A Bionic Arm Inspired by… Star Wars?

It’s been a while since we’ve reported on any cool technology, and this technology we’re about to tell you about is positively mind-blowing, to say the least. Is it manufacturing related? No, not exactly. Although it was obviously manufactured by somebody, what we’re most impressed with is the tech itself. We think it ought to […]

Nebraska Popcorn, Furniture Companies Honored for Growth at MITA Awards

The Midwest International Trade Association is a non-profit organization in the Midwest dedicated to ensuring economic growth through interaction with foreign markets. Manufacturing isn’t the only field represented in this organization: Banking, legal services, consulting, information technology, insurance, construction, and more are represented at the MITA events throughout the year. They’re the ultimate authority in […]

Wind Turbines: Creating Energy (and Jobs)

Taking a drive through the Midwest, you’ll probably notice something you don’t see as much in other parts of the country: wind turbines. These windmill-like structures were developed to generate more electricity. Their development began over the increasing concern for energy security, global warming, and eventual fossil fuel depletion. According to the American Wind Energy […]

Program Spotlight: University of Nebraska-Omaha

Our website has always had a list of our partners in education, otherwise known as educational institutions that provide curriculum to support a career in manufacturing. These institutions include community colleges, universities, and middle and high school career technical education programs. In other words, for a student interested in learning manufacturing skills, there’s no shortage […]

Flint Hills Resources Announces Biodiesel Innovation In Beatrice

Beatrice, Nebraska keeps popping up on our blog these days with noteworthy news mentions. Companies such as Worldlawn Inc. and educational institutions like the Southeast Community College campus make this city (approximately forty miles south of Lincoln, for those in need of a geography brushup) a fantastic place to learn and nurture careers in manufacturing […]

Calling All High Schoolers: MikeroweWORKS is Accepting Scholarship Applications!

Calling all high schoolers interested in manufacturing: Mike Rowe, one of our favorite representatives of skilled trades and manufacturing in the United States, has come up with a program to offer scholarships to high schoolers looking to get into the trades. Mike Rowe’s foundation, mikeroweWORKS, and the Universal Technical Institute (UTI), a technical education training […]

4 Great Educational Opportunities In the Midwest This Summer

Spring and summer inevitably turn out to be the busiest time of the year, as Midwesterners emerge from their frosty winter shell. It’s easier to feel motivated to attend and participate when there isn’t a blizzard happening outside. In agriculture and manufacturing, summer is the season when that welcome sunshine helps crops grow and industry […]

Happy National Teacher Day!

Here at NeMAC, we’re big fans of education. Education is what gives students–current and past–a brighter future, and we have educators all over the country to thank for their work empowering students everywhere with knowledge. And while we obviously have a soft spot for teachers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, we greatly appreciate all teachers and […]

Manufacturers in Nebraska: Worldlawn Power Equipment, Inc.

Nebraska may not have an abundance of mountains, lakes, or valleys, but there is one thing we most certainly do have: grass, plains, and fields. With this natural landscape feature comes the caveat of constant maintenance. After all, along with Texas, Montana, the Dakotas, and more, we are in the Great Plains. From ranching and […]