Google Buys DeepMind Technologies–What’s Next?

Google Buys DeepMind Technologies--What's Next?

It’s been an interesting past few months for Google.

In December of 2013, Google acquired Boston Dynamics, maker of humanoid robots. Then, earlier this month, they acquired Nest, maker of smart home gadgets. And most recently–today, actually–Google announced plans to purchase DeepMind, a London-based Artificial Intelligence company.

In fact, over the last year or so, Google has acquired over a dozen “tech hardware outfits working on projects that might seem crazy today, but could be part of our not-too-distant future.”

Experts all over the web are speculating on what Google’s planning to do with all of these new acquisitions. And while we’re not clear on exactly what they’re planning–we can’t wait to see, personally–we can say that all of these new purchases point towards a future filled with robots, AI, and other cool new technology.

So what does that mean for current students?

As we’ve mentioned before here on our blog, getting involved in robotics is a great way to make an entry into the worlds of STEM education and manufacturing. Events like the Nebraska Robotics Expo coming up in February are a great way to get involved, and there are many clubs here in Nebraska for anyone looking to get started with robotics!

Although they’re certainly not the only company out there making moves in the worlds of robotics and artificial intelligence, Google’s recent push into this new technology is a good sign of the direction of things moving forward. By getting started with an education in STEM, not only are you opening yourself up to many great opportunities in manufacturing–you’re also aligning yourself with the future.

While we can’t say for sure what’s next, we can say that the world–especially a world of robotics and AI–is going to continue to need young people with STEM-related skills for some time into the future. Even if you’re not going interested in working at Google, a focus in STEM is a surefire way to put yourself in line for a great career, so get out there and get involved!

Photo credit: Annapurna Pictures via Venturebeat