Manufacturers in Nebraska: Centennial Plastics

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Manufacturers in Nebraska- Centennial PlasticsMany manufacturers in Nebraska can tell the story of success through hard work, and Centennial Plastics out of Hastings, Nebraska is no exception.

In 2001, a group of passionate and dedicated individuals founded a company based on the traditional ideals of customer service: a loyal staff dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of every single customer, and a superior product second to none.

With hard work and unrelenting hours spent at the plant, Centennial Plastics, Inc. quickly expanded into one of the leading manufacturers of plastic pipe in the nation, and in 2004, Centennial Plastics was named the 40th fastest growing company in the United States by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Located on Centennial Avenue in Hastings, the company is a perfect example of how timing and passion pay off in a competitive and exciting industry.

The plastic pipe that Centennial Plastics produces can be used for potable water, non-potable water, turf irrigation, and most significantly, geothermal heat exchange.

With the advent of the green movement impacting manufacturing across the country, geothermal heat pump systems are becoming a more prominent heating and cooling method used by those looking for extensive cost-savings, both residentially and commercially. With new tax incentives for geothermal heat exchange systems, the affordable option of ‘going green’ has created a massive demand for the polyethylene pipe products produced by Centennial. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Centennial Plastics also manufactures pipe for potable water, meaning that it is safe to be used for drinking water. “When you’re choosing pipe to carry water for human consumption, you want to know that the pipe meets or exceeds every standard,” the company says.

If you’ve ever had a glass of unfiltered water carrying bacteria, you’re probably inclined to agree. And that’s why Centennial enforces stringent manufacturing techniques and standards that meet the highest possible NSF International Standards so that drinking water piped through their product will never be contaminated. In terms of workmanship and quality, their pipe is the premium product available on the market today–and it’s made here in Nebraska!

Centennial Plastics, then, is not only making an impact in the green community, but also on the business and expectations of manufacturers creating vital products. For that, and for their Midwestern work ethic, we think they fit in well with the rest of the many manufacturers here in Nebraska. Pipe manufacturing may not be the most glamorous work around, but Centennial Plastics is great at what they do, and they’re doing it right here in our backyard.

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Photo credit: Centennial Plastics