Manufacturers in Nebraska: Kellogg’s

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Manufacturers in Nebraska - Kellogg's

Manufacturing is a big deal. But oftentimes, consumers don’t really know what is manufactured here in the United States, or even what manufacturing really entails.

One unique case of such a product is cereal.

Earlier this year in an interview with the World-Herald, Congressman Lee Terry said that “A lot of people don’t think of making cornflakes as manufacturing, but it is.” And that’s true–many people don’t realize that making cornflakes is as much a part of manufacturing as making cars or computers.

The company Terry was talking about is Kellogg’s, an international food maker based in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Kellogg’s is also a Nebraska manufacturer, though. They have a factory in Omaha, Nebraska, where many of their food products are made.

Kellogg’s was originally founded in 1906 in Battle Creek, Michigan, and after expansion through the first half of the century, opened up a plant in Nebraska in 1942–the company’s second plant in the U.S. Today, the company has over 30,000 employees, and produces a wide variety of foods for customers all over the globe.

The website Neatorama gives some really cool information about the process of making cereal, and additionally, Kellogg’s gives some good details of the ingredient-sourcing process on their website. While Kellogg’s no longer offers factory tours for security and safety reasons, they’re still a strong part of the Midwestern manufacturing community, and a company we’re proud to have here in Nebraska.

So even though making things like cereal and breakfast bars may not be the first thing you think of when you think of manufacturing, food makers and processors are still important parts of the manufacturing industry.

And from medical technology to cornflakes, we’ve already started a long list of companies manufacturing things right here in Nebraska. Kellogg’s is a great global name, and they just add to the list of big names in manufacturing here in the Midwest.

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